What Is Domincusation?

Domincusation is a guide on how to improve your intrinsic motivation. Taking the roots of domin – master, cus – motive, and ation – action, to make a word that captures the motivated individual and their underlying drive. The pursuit of this blog, and hopefully every post in it, is to utilize and master the innate motivation found inside everyone already.

Throughout this blog, you will find everything A to Z on intrinsic motivation. This blog will help you redesign your world. It does so by helping describe the components and demonstrating how individual efforts and an ongoing analysis can make progress, or more importantly improvement, possible.

The million dollar blog question, why does this blog differ? Why should you give this a gander and not the 1000’s, if not 10’s of 1,000’s of other motivation blogs on the internet?  This blog doesn’t rest on an emotional appeal, it rests on its word. Unlike other motivational sources, I don’t find it helpful to try and convince you to be successful using my own experiences, but instead through knowledge present throughout the world already. Not only can such a practice be counter-productive, but telling you why my life is successful or by promising limitless success is an arrogant undercut to a prosperous community. Most (not all) motivational advocates use the vulnerability of caring readers to push their own confidence. I hope to do just the opposite, I want to take this blog and make it a domain to foster the growth of everyone using the ‘truths’ that already pre-exist. You decide if it fits you.

One more important thing to note, this blog rests on the notion that through the help of others, the persistence to make a change, and the positivity to realize it has value, anyone has the potential to make a change in their life. I want to look back on every post for support, a way for me to learn and improve myself. I need help creating a community that allows for that.

Always tell me how to be better and how to better this community, this blog grows through you (the reader) not anyone else.

The First Blogger at Domincusation.com