The Intrinsic Approach to Psychology

If there is any re-occurring principle found throughout this blog, it must be that motivation can be seamlessly incorporated into your life when understood. If not, then wasted effort and confusing actions can easily dictate life, and all goals remain distant hopes. One of the best tools at your disposable—against the forces of procrastination—remains to be the mind and how we use it inner workings.

Understanding the mind—and the psychology which dictates it— makes for that crucial advantage needed to succeed. Psychology, or the understanding of the inner workings of our mind, is obviously a powerful tool in our kit, but, if not investigated such information remains useless. Better utilizing that knowledge makes for lighter work, and that is what this section will set out to do.

Approaching motivation from this perspective can make for a uniquely useful methodology. Unlike that is which is found from only a conscious perspective, psychology will help better recognize the subconscious that dictates any practice, the intrinsic pieces to this mental puzzle. My favorite—and one of the more mentioned—subconscious processes are habits and how they influence nearly every aspect.

Psychology is a diverse and incredibly useful field in science; one which helps professionals direct and assist those in need. On top of that, psychology helps improve countless areas, and psychology helps anyone who studies it better understand the world they live in.

In hopes to give this field recognition and to incorporate its principles into this blog, this section will deal mostly with motivational aspects found throughout the field. By referencing topics in psychology and motivation, a cooperative effort will be built.  

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