The Rocketeer

Who is the Rocketeer? The Rocketeer is the one who starts off their goals with incredible dedication, but almost always burn off.

The Rocketeer has a few characteristics that make them unique, and uniquely flawed. That’s why I placed them at lowest on the tier of motivation.

The Rocketeer does everything in bursts, and thus are the incredibly motivated ones for a brief moment. You would most likely find them waking up at 5:30 A.M. to run three miles, and then abruptly stopping after the first week. Give the Rocketeer a one week challenge, and few can stand in their way.

They undoubtedly have the most focus at the start, their drive is unmatched, maybe only ever challenged by the most consistent of people. But, that’s where their advantage ends, the Rocketeer has more difficulty than all others bridging the gap between short-term and long-term, and this is a huge setback.

Without the ability to close that gap, they remain forever in a cycle of impulse, making (usually healthy) decisions too quickly and then once the initial high fades, so does the motivation.

Rocketeers choose quick, usually not well thought out, pursuits and make it their mission to complete them. After even more quickly realizing they don’t want the goal enough for the effort, or they don’t care for it as is, they stop ‘wasting’ their time. It is this impulsive behavior that sets up the glass ceiling in their world.

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